Fresh Off The Boat

Fresh Off The Boat, 22x27x30, paper mache

22 x 12 x 27 “

Sound Device

Paper mache, raspberry pi, and speaker


I always remember four years ago, when I first came to this country. The culture shock I experienced had a profound influence on me. I was now in a country where people don’t eat fish heads. The cheek meat in the fish head is my favorite part of the whole fish, but in the United States, people throw it away,  as if it is some “useless part”. When morning came, I was awakened by the birds. They were so loud that I couldn’t keep pretending to be asleep. I have never seen so many birds before; they are all over the street, the roof, the doughnut shop at the corner. I am a fish in a bird’s country. And after that day, I am neither a fish or a bird.