The Wave

At the beginning of the game, the participants need to see the info page:

At the gathering place, the player will see the advertisement:

We Are Sorry!!

Cory Harvey’s artwork was removed from the ejfhp sjwfsb Gallery in SFAI for the artist’s personal reason. The label will still be there as a reference.

The response from the artist:

“Sometime you will know where to go by taking a step back…for example, B does not have to be B; it could be A…… The truth is not always on the surface.”


Then the game will start with a series of airdropped picture:

by the time the audience gets to the place, they can find a wall laber:


it is referring a youtube video:

on the way to the locker

unnamed (1).jpg

inside the locker, there will be more collages filled in the space.

unnamed (2).jpg

then the final stage, Cory and Tim will be standing there waiting for them.

This part still has some minor adjustment; I can only work on it today because today is the only sunny day in these two days.